Sunday, October 26, 2008

They Really Think This Way

I do not normally peruse right-wing blogs, but use Sadly, No! to keep me informed of what these "people" are up to. Today, however, I just had to click the little highlighted phrase, didn't I, and read the link.

I think my eyes will never be right again.

Some doofus named Dan Riehl actually believes that Barack Obama would kill his grandmother. At first, I thought it was an attempt by a humorless right-winger at humor. Kind of like when the old uncle gets drunk at the family reunion, does the Macarena, falls and breaks his hip. After reading it through a couple times, I realized that, while he be attempting some kind of flippancy, he really does believe that.

The phrase "batshit insane" is tossed around a lot, sometimes far too casually. Yet, reading this one post - just one! - by this guy supplies all the evidence I need to realize they really are out of their minds.

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