Thursday, June 20, 2013

So Moved

My recent silence is because my family has been in the process of moving.  The worst of it is over, although "normal" won't really return until the girls and Lisa return from a mission trip to Kentucky.  That would be Saturday.  So for now it's me, a dog, and two cats in a new house.  There's a lot less clutter but I'm guessing we still need to do some more work to get things in order once and for all.

I have been paying attention, and was heartened to hear that Exodus International not only closed up shop but issued a letter of apology today for all the pain they've caused.  I have to say - Good for them both for shutting down and for taking responsibility for the suffering they've caused.

And watching John Boenher crash and burn on the Farm Bill today, thanks in no small part to ticking off both a large majority of Democrats as well as some of the nuttier members of his own caucus, was a thing of beauty.  As Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said, it was amateur hour in the House of Representatives today.

Here's hoping this finds you all well and good and ready to enjoy the upcoming summer.

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