Saturday, July 31, 2010

See What Happens When I'm Away

The whole flap early this week concerning Andrew Breitbart (how did "bright" get inserted in to the name of someone so obviously dim?) and Ms Sharrod from the Agriculture Department is a marvelous example of why the Democratic Part needs to get its collective head out of its rectum, and as it is standing erect realize it has a pair of testicles, and tell Republicans, in a loud, clear voice to STFU. Obama looked bad, Vilsack needs to be canned, Breitbart should never, ever, ever be listened to by anyone other than Sean Hannity ever again, and Ms. Sharrod should tell the President, the VP, the Secretary of Agriculture, and anyone else, to kiss her beautiful black ass.

I've been reading through my moderately sized Reinhold Niebuhr section of my personal library on my enforced hiatus from the internet - Moral Man and Immoral Society, An Interpretation of Christian Ethics, Beyond Tragedy, The Children of Light and the Children of Darkness and just started the first volume, "Human Nature", of The Nature and Destiny of Man. Who knows what will come of it.

Finally, I have a question and I am almost afraid to ask it - why is the Church so afraid? Why is it afraid to proclaim release to the captives? Why is it afraid to call out those who drag its good name through the mud? Why is it afraid of offending the ignorant and worldly powerful? Why is it afraid to answer this question? Why is it afraid to hear the voices crying in the wildernesses of Haiti and the Congo, of Myanmar and China, on the streets of the southside of Chicago and Detroit whose lives and suffering are an ongoing protest against any Christian pretensions of an easy faith and clear conscience?

Jesus was crucified, not castrated, folks. We are the body of Christ and it is time someone was the Savior's balls.

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