Saturday, November 01, 2008

Two Living Saints

I thought up this post last Saturday on the long drive to Ottawa, IL where I was DJing a wedding reception. I have been looking forward to it all week, and have been confirmed in it many times this past week. God is, indeed, good.

Last year, I did an All Saints Day post in which I gave a partial list of persons who could be included in my own personal "great cloud of witnesses". While I forgot many persons (as I was reminded by my sister in comments), I mentioned two in particular that I would highlight right now.

They teach me everyday how important spontaneity, fun, silliness, and laughter are. They remind me that I actually have an impact on the lives of others in ways I cannot even begin to understand (which, for those who have known me a long time, should probably keep you up nights). They have shown me what real love is; what real trust is; what real hope is. By their example, I see the possibilities in life that I missed once, but can have again if for no other reason than I am still alive and being alive means there are always new chances.

I have had direct evidence this week they both understand what it means to live in Christ. Befriending the friendless, even at the risk of social approbation; living out one's values in such a way that others see them and note them; being hurt by those who do not understand one's values, or who ridicule one's values, or who are motivated by other, less than noble values. I cannot begin to tell you all how impressed I have been by reports I have received, how in awe I am of their ability to be living exemplars of true faith in Christ in difficult situations.

More than any persons alive right now, these two show me each and every day what love really is. I receive far more than I have ever, or could ever, give to them. They are embodiments of grace in a way unparalleled in my life. Because I am well aware of all my faults and failures, to know that these two persons are intimately a part of my everyday life shows me that grace is real, profound, and should always keep us in a state of thanksgiving. They are blessings, lessons always to be learned, and a source of profound joy and peace.

They are my daughters, Moriah and Miriam.

I thank God for them every day, love them in a fierce way I never thought was possible, and am in awe of them as individuals. That they are my children is a source not of pride but of humility. I will not say that someday they will be great persons because they already are. I marvel at the possibilities they present, and I know the world is a far better place for them having been born. If you don't believe me, just look.

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