Saturday, October 25, 2008

Memo To David Frum

Frum has a column in today's Washington Post. In it he refers a few times to "angry" Democrats.

Mr. Frum, you are so right we are angry. We are angry that we have the worst President, and the most unpopular President, in living memory. We are angry that this man, possessing far too small an intellect and personality for the Office he currently holds, has done so much damage to our nation, its institutions of governance, and its political culture. This is the most secretive Executive in modern history. Even Nixon wasn't this in camera, and there have been few attempts to pry open the door. The Republicans have offered nothing but fear, endless fear, seeing the American people as cowardly in the face of an always threatening world, whether the issue at hand be terrorism or the economy.

We are angry because this country we love so much has been run in to the ground by third-rate non-entities who destroy whatever they touch. The America in which we live is not the America in which I grew up, or thought I would occupy when I reached adulthood. I am not ashamed to admit that I am angry because my country - yes, Mr. Frum MY COUNTRY - has been stolen from me by plutocratic nincompoops, nihilists interested only in the perpetuation of power for its own sake. I am angry that someone as shallow and dim-witted as yourself takes up valuable journalistic real estate on the op-ed page of The Washington Post writing drivel like this.

Admit it, David. Your party is bereft of any raison d'etat. You have no ideas, no policy proposals, no guiding ethos. Your current Presidential candidate, and his running mate, are among the sorriest pair since George McGovern and Sargent Shriver. They, at least, had the virtue of ideas, even if they were far ahead of their time.

The funniest part of your column, David, is that you are so blind to the constant stream of fear, that is the sole tool left in your advice to what remains of the Republican campaign strategy. You offer fear of all us angry liberals. As I said, yes, we are angry. Are we vindictive, too? Perhaps a few will be. Will we use the tremendous power of the executive and legislative branches to stifle all sorts of freedoms? Well, since one of the charges against us is that we are far too willing to defend the Constitution - all that ACLU-loving crap, you remember that, don't you? - I think that's a tad misguided. Yet, go ahead, preach fear of the loss of liberty, so that Democrats can remind everyone in two words what has happened to their freedom from government intrusion over the past eight years. Call the Democrats big spenders, tax-and-spenders, and we'll remind everyone that, eight years ago, George Bush inherited a budget surplus that he just pissed away without thought. Call us terrorist-loving, America-hating radicals, and I will just mention one name - Timothy McVeigh.

You offer fear, David Frum, because that is all you have. At the end of day, the bottom of the barrel, the face of the Republican Party is the face of Ashley Todd, faking a politically-motivated racial attack. That is all you have. That is who you are.

I just emailed this to Mr. Frum. I thought it might be interesting to do so. I have never done such a thing before. Who knows what will happen, eh?

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