Friday, October 24, 2008

Conservative Logic In Action (UPDATE)

It's a long, twisted tale how I came across the following quote, and I shan't bore you with the details. Suffice it to say that Ann Althouse, a conservative blogger who is as insane as she is wrong (being a law professor does not insulate one from either serious mental illness or chronic error), believed that, during one of the Presidential debates, Barack Obama had an earpiece through which he was receiving answers (just as many liberals still insist George Bush had some kind of earpiece during one of the '04 debates). When it turned out that she was quite wrong (as usual), she accepted her error graciously (because it was pointed out by conservative uberblogger Glenn Reynolds). Yet, even as she accepted the fact that she was, once again, totally wrong and living in fantasy land, she nevertheless kept her head below water long enough to type the following sentence, which, when I read it, made my over-tired head swim.
"You know, just because the thing I saw wasn't there doesn't mean there wasn't something there that I didn't see."

By that logic, Barack Obama could, in fact, be the carefully crafted suit worn by a team of alien beaver-beings from the Neptunian moon Triton, bent on world conquest. See, that sentence may in fact be factually erroneous, but some other wild speculation may well be true, and as long we keep typing crap, some of it is bound to stick.

These people are simply, completely, and without a doubt out of their fucking minds.

UPDATE: God help us, but these people are just not of this earth. At all.
It's not that Omaba is Ayers friend but they are of the same ideology and historically those who follow that system "need" to thin the herd more so than want to for their system to work....for awhile until the population exceeds their fiscal budget thats founded on oppressive over taxation and by that time the socialist government has morphed into a communist government and they need to rinse and repeat.

Anyone reading this site going to sign up for Obama's Civil Defense Force?...just curious.

I'd copy and paste more of this gobbledygook, but I'd have to wash my computer.

At least the nuts haven't been buried, so we can see them for what they are.

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