Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Couldn't Care Less

It seems the story du jour is the spending spree the RNC did for Sarah Palin's wardrobe. I cannot begin to tell you how little I care.

When all the world was atwitter with John Edwards' $400 haircut, and all the talk about Obama being an "elitist" for eating arugula (a pretty common green), the discussion wasn't, "Ooo, if only we could find some elitist dirt on the Republicans," because the Republicans are elitist, too. Running for President on a major party ticket, by definition makes one a member of the elite. Ditto being a Senator and a Governor. The entire thoughtless nonsense was decried for its stupidity.

Now, however, some folks are pointing fingers and screeching, "See?!? See?!? Saks Fifth Avenue!!! Needless Markup!!! ELITISTS!!!!" I realize it is all part and parcel of American political discourse, and has been for a very long time.

That doesn't make it any less stupid.

The truth is the Republicans are going to lose not just the White House, but their minorities in both houses of Congress are going to shrink, and their de facto working relationship with conservative Democrats will wither on the vine because there will be fewer of them. They are headed for an epic fail of historic proportion, due to the Double Whammy of the worst President since James Buchanan and the worst candidate since Wendell Wilkie (the latter was also a Republican; he was, however, much nicer than John McCain). Their entire franchise has gone the way of Grant's Department Store. None of their old tricks have worked, quite a few have backfired, and they just can't seem to catch a break (not that I'm complaining). Liberals and progressives of all kinds need to stay on message about issues, about the economy, about the epic fail about to occur in Afghanistan (directly linked to getting involved in our illegal, immoral war in Iraq), about the end of American credibility abroad and how important that is (there are a few right-wingers who don't seem to care, but they are ignorant). Spreading this kind of nonsense is so small-minded, so . . . Republican.

Although there might be a nasty joke or two in it, about being able to put a designer dress on a pit-bull, even if you can't put lipstick on a pig. Or something to that effect. . .

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