Wednesday, November 07, 2007

There Is Rude, Then There Is Rude

As I noted over here ELAshley thinks I am "the rudest person" he has encountered on the internet. I mentioned it to note the hilarity of the idea, not to whine about it. As Alan noted in comments:
For years liberals have been cowering in the corner any time a conservative says some nasty lie about them. Now they're shocked and surprised when we've finally grown sick enough of their BS to call them on it. Glass jawed, apparently.

Prior to this wonderful summation of my own position, I had this comment from infrequent busybody Mom2:
Geoffrey, you do your wife no favors with the comments that you make. Your behavior and manner of talking to people that disagree with you, causes me to wonder what kind of influence she can have in the pulpit when her husband has a vile mouth and an explosive temper. A pastor should have some control at home first.
Those names you called EL should not be held in your hand, let alone come out of your mouth, head, hands on the keyboard.

Before you read my response, please note that she backhandedly attacks my wife's integrity, the integrity of her ministry, and, indeed, our family life. As I have said, snide comments are one thing. Yet, this comment is of a piece with another comment sent my way, which I noted here:
Am I mistaken or do you classify yourself as a Christian with these kind of doubts?

Since there is a history of this kind of thing, and more, with this particular person, perhaps there can be some understanding behind my response:
Mom2, when I want advice from someone who knows nothing, I'll be sure to look you up. Until then, leave my wife, and her ministry, and everything else that has to do with me, out of it. I might just release some more words from my hands, because my patience with comments like yours has disappeared. Your phony sanctimony, your pompous preaching about morality, your tired, nonsensical drivel about how much more learned and wise you are simply because you haven't died yet all make me want to vomit.

Oops. I guess I was rude again.

C'est la vie.

ELAshley has taken it upon himself to expose me to the world for the horrid person I am. He even calls upon me to repent.

It is all well and good for ELAshley, Mom2, Marshall Art, and (previously) Neil to question my faith, to call in to question my wife's integrity, to claim that I am not truly a Christian. When I respond to their nonsense, however, I am wrong. It is all well and good to insist that my faith is erroneous, the way my wife and I raise our children is harmful, and we are a danger to society. It is hateful and evil for me to tell them all to mind their own business.

As I said once before, "Homey Don't Play That Way."

I honestly do not wish any of these people ill. I have not and will not call in to question their faith. As I have not only not been given the same courtesy, but have been lectured at, preached at, pronounced non-Christian, and now had my wife's integrity challenged, I do think I have shown remarkable restraint. It is not rude to take a stand when attacked. It is not un-Christian to act out of anger. It is not hateful to dismiss the intemperate comments and intrusive suggestions of people whose opinion one does not value. I have honestly sought dialogue with these folks, to a person, and have had nothing but bile thrown at me, time after time. Now, I am flinging back, although in a different way, and they don't like it.

WATB one and all.

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