Friday, November 09, 2007

And Bozo The Clown Isn't Convinced That Iraq Didn't Have WMDs

I saw the story yesterday about the founder of The Weather Channel coming out as a global warming denier. I didn't think much of it myself, but since I just know that Marshall Art and Neon Prime Time will jump on it and say, "See?!? See?!? A weatherman says it's crap!! What do you have to say about that?!?" I thought it would be best to at least note it.

I don't have anything to say, because Roger Ailes said it already:
Coleman was the wacky weatherman on Chicago's WLS-TV infotainment newscasts in the late 70s. He coined kooky terms like "thorms," used nutty props, engaged in inane banter, and stood in front of (or walked through) a green screen while the Happy Talk news team threw things at him and tried to make him crack up. In short, he was the original Steve Doocy-type performing monkey.


The man is a crank who reads the weather forecast off a TelePrompter. He doesn't offer any science -- or even any "science" -- to support his position, nor does he offer any proof to support his conspiracy allegations. And the lemmings in the wingnutosphere follow him over a cliff simply because he "founded" a basic cable teevee station. I look forward to their similar deference to Ted Turner, Mark Cuban and Vice President Al Gore.

Desperation, thy name is right-wing anti-science types.

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