Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Words, For Some, Don't Mean Anything At All, Part II

I was going to get ready for work, but on one last go 'round, sending out my Thanksgiving greetings, I happened upon something that made me laugh, cry, vomit, fart, and fall asleep all at the same time. It took Michael Savage a whole bunch of words to rip meaning from the English language. Displaying his keen grasp of Ockham's Razor, Neil manages it in one simple "sentence".
Predictably, the Abortion President is putting together a seriously anti-life, anti-family Cabinet.

As compared to a lame duck responsible for many deaths in war, in federal executions, in the hungry and homeless here in America, and the dying abroad from lack of access to our many resources, including simple things like medicines to help stave off childhood diarrhea and malaria.

Obviously, a man with a happy marriage and two beautiful children is anti-family. Because they are all black.

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