Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Scarlet Letter Revisited

Oliver Willis' website has a newsfeed that covers celebrity-type stuff, fluff pieces, and the occasional T&A photo. I ignore it because I get that kind of thing via People, and In Touch at work, thank you very much. I mean, even a serious person has to keep up with the latest Brad & Angelina news, right?

Anyway, I saw this story, and was both amused and angered enough to highlight it. A school district in New Jersey is trying to fire one of its lunch ladies. You see, Louisa Tuck used to work in porn under the name Crystal Gunns (I was going to copy & paste her photo, but then again, judging by her name, I figured you would get the idea; if you're really interested, click the link and scroll down, because a semi-safe for work photo is there). Retired from the business at age 35 (and isn't it interesting that a woman at her sexual peak, biologically speaking, is too old for sex flicks?), she works as a lunch-hall monitor part time for less than $6,000 a year. Yet, teachers, parents, even the head of the local school board are all horrified at the idea that she is there.

There's a problem, though, and it's called the law.
The Daily Journal reported. “We have no real legal stance or legal right to do anything for two reasons — one, it’s not illegal, and two, it’s not on school time,” Superintendent Charles Ottinger told the newspaper.

Since she isn't even doing porn anymore, I fail to see the relevance of the whole "school time" thing. In any event, the far more important issue is the simple fact that some folks are so enraged about the way someone used to live her life they wish to deny her gainful employment.

Now, of course, an obvious question would be how anyone realized that the lunch lady was also a porn star. It certainly couldn't be that some teachers, or parents, or school board members might have glimpsed her "face" on the small screen. After all, her performance name was "Gunns", so I doubt they saw too much of her face. . .

Seriously, though, whatever one may think of porn, or those who work in adult films, this woman is doing nothing more than helping out part-time at a school. That's it, and that's all. The busybodies who want her gone really need more to do than fast-forward through porn tapes to check out their newest employee.

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