Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Rock Show

I went, I saw, I bought yesterday two CDs and a live DVD. The CDs were Porcupine Tree's Nil Recurring and Ray LaMontagne's Gossip in the Grain. The concert DVD was Rush's live concert from their Snakes and Arrows tour. Filmed in Holland, it featured the same set list when I saw them on the same tour, in Chicago (well, Tinley Park, really), in September, 2007.

One of the things I really liked about this tour was the deep cuts they pulled out - "Digital Man", "Entre Nous", "Natural Science" - from their older material. And this one, a song easily overlooked, yet so appropriate. "Witch Hunt" is a scathing attack on all forms of mob-like thought, "Those who know what's best for us", as the song says, who "must rise and save us from ourselves" because of the "strangeness" in "our immigrants and infidels", "theaters and bookstore shelves." This clip is from an 80's tour - for the album Grace Under Pressure - but the power of the song shines through the decades.

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