Thursday, November 06, 2008

Out Where The Buses Don't Run

You know, it's one thing to be upset that one's candidate lost an election. It is also one thing to think, as I and many other Democrats and liberals did in the wake of the 2000 and 2004 elections, that the American people had made a serious mistake in electing a certain candidate President (although, in both cases, I thought the Democratic candidates ran lousy campaigns, very undisciplined and unfocused). It is another thing altogether, in the wake of our most recent Presidential contretemps, to read some of the following:
Mark said...

Racism is far from dead now that Obama is President-elect. If anything, the divide will get worse, only now, the racism will be black against white.

No doubt everytime someone criticizes President Obama the accusations of racism will ensue. This may very well be the catalyst Obama will use to justify the outlawing of free speech. It may soon become illegal to criticize the Government. After all, Obama is a Marxist and that's what Marxists do.

hashfanatic said...

let's face it, this is possibly america's darkest day

marshall, i'd be happy to recite, chapter and verse, all the reasons i hold bush in the lowest regard, but does it all not pale in comparison to the POSSIBLY, more malevolent horror we now are forced to contend with?

obama is not a president, as much as he is a CULT LEADER, which is why dissent is needed, from day one, if there is anything left over for our children

i identified as leftist until this year, i understand the threat that now faces our nation, and i know what could be in store

on the other hand, i know that some that voted for barky got sucked into supporting him, and i understand they have been just as disheartened, for a LONG time, as we are today

i urge you to take at least one day's break from this, so you can wrap your mind around this national catastrophe, and approach this all with an eye toward a somewhat altered future....doing so today has helped me immeasurably, for you should not be moved by your emotions

above all, do not lose faith
November 6, 2008 2:27 AM

Alternate realities abound not just in science fiction. . .

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