Sunday, November 02, 2008


I'm quite sure that, in the rush of events on Wednesday - all that tearing down of Western Civilization that we liberals will begin - I will forget to note that it will be the second anniversary of this, my second attempt at blogging. It has been rough at times. I have tried to walk away once or twice. I have also had some great moments, made real friends with people I still haven't met, and on one or two occasions, received attention from folks higher up the food chain, as it were (I'm still most proud of being included, along with Duncan from Atrios and Digby from Hullabaloo in a column by David Frum; of all the bloggers Frum could have chosen, he included me with the two biggest stars of the left end of the blogosphere; as far as I am concerned, that's almost as good as getting paid for doing this).

I will be happy to toss politics aside and start concentrating on all sorts of things I've been neglecting, but have been churning through my mind over this past summer and fall. This election was far too important to simply leave to chance, which is why I've probably bored many people to tears. For that I apologize, yet I think I did the right thing; I am a tiny foot-soldier in the drive to end Republican rule, and get some sanity and balance back in the country. I have no illusions that, should Obama win (as seems likely), we will be ushering in 1,000 years of peace and prosperity. I do think, however, that we will be far better off than if we elected John McCain.

In any event, happy anniversary to me, and here's hoping I can regain an audience after boring them to tears with far too much politics.

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