Friday, November 07, 2008

Defining Stupid Downward

Focus On The Family Action invoked the right's two favorite non-American politicians, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler, in a post-election fund-raising letter.
Dear Friend,

The spirit of Winston Churchill was alive and well on Tuesday night at Focus on the Family Action headquarters.

You may recall that in the most desperate days of World War II – when Great Britain was being pounded daily by Hitler’s Luftwaffe – that Winston Churchill called on his countrymen not to despair from danger but to rise to the challenge.

So, Barack Obama winning an election is like Adolf Hitler bombing Great Britain during the Second World War . . . how, exactly?

Or is it, rather, that the right, like Churchill, will drink heavily, run out amidst the bombs and falling debris, risking his life for the thrill of being at the center of the action? Since, in looney-land, liberalism and fascism are the same thing (as is communism, which only shows how truly stupid these people are), it is apparent that a liberal politician winning the White House is, indeed, exactly like Hitler killing thousands of Britons.

I'm surprised I didn't recognize the similarities myself.

As for the whole anti-family, pro-abortion thing, I think Barack Obama will divorce his wife, marry Monica Lewinski, and retroactively abort one of his daughters. It is all becoming clearer. The pain-killers must be working . . .

These people left anything resembling reality long ago.

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