Saturday, August 02, 2008

Monster Mash

I am sure that if you are seeing this blog, you know about this:

Now, I have no opinion on what it might be, if it is anything at all.

Since I was a kid, I have had a fascination with this kind of thing. I remember well reading and re-reading a book - I must have been in the fifth or sixth grade, because I read it in the library of Elm Street School, and I only attended that school during those years - on the history of werewolves. The book was a compendium of information, including woodcuts, on the phenomenon. I even learned about lycanthrope from from reading that book, and its possible connection to the werewolf phenomenon. The reason I bring up werewolves is, while perusing a Google search, I came across this at a site called The National Post, which had a link, which I clicked because it concerned something called "The Beast Of Bray Rd." I had not heard of this before, but was surprised to learn this was just over the border from where I currently reside. One sighting noted at the last link I provided occurred in Williams Bay, WI, just half an hour from where I live.

Now, I have a healthy skepticism about this kind of thing. Please don't get me wrong. At the same time, I find these stories fascinating, if for no other reason than the people involved certainly seem to have experienced something out of the ordinary. I would enjoy such an experience myself, even if I could not relate what, exactly, it was I had experienced.

Anyway, what say any or all of you? Is this Montauk Monster thing a hoax? Some cryptid, as-yet documented by biology? Is it a partially rotted sea turtle?

Have any of you had an experience that was both out of the ordinary and still impervious to any explanation? Now, I want serious things here, folks. Take your time, I will not laugh or disparage your account.

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