Friday, August 01, 2008

Dana Milbank Thinks He's Funny . . . (UPDATE)

. . . But he comes off like a bad character cut from My Dinner With Andre. Seriously, how "funny" is it to buy in to right-wing talking points about Obama's "presumptuousness", especially when he is doing nothing different in kind from what McCain did on his trips to Canada and Colombia? Since the McCain campaign is attempting to portray Obama as a presumptuous celebrity, entranced by his own persona (and a black man who likes blonde white women, to boot), I see very little to laugh at here.

Indeed, the whole "Whine" thing is no more than rank bitchiness. Had you written something that was actually funny, Dana - see The Daily Show or read Sadly, No! - it might have appeared amusing. Instead, it appeared as nothing more than a rejected Maureen Dowd column.

Since you don't like taking criticism, any more than most reporters, I guess, like most reporters, I'll ignore you.

UPDATE: It seems Media Matters has caught my wave. I do so love Millbank's claim that no one is disputing the words, only the context. As if the words had meaning outside of any context, just floating there, waiting to be snatched up by Millbank as fodder for his piece. Dday, at Hullabaloo, also comes a day late the my party, even noting, as I did, the Dowdishness of Millbank's piece. All self-tooting of my horn aside, I think it important to repeat that this reveals Dana Millbank to be a ridiculous individual, shallow, thin-skinned, and without any credibility whatsoever.

Would it ever, even once, hurt these people to admit they screwed up?

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