Monday, July 28, 2008

Music Monday

I got such a great response last week, I find it hard to limit my choices to just three. Someone said "anything by Johnny Cash", and this is a great song to listen to as one winds his or her way down country roads in the south (I did it myself):

The next is my own choice. I honestly had a hard time picking which Allman Brother's song I'd use. "Statesboro Blues"? "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed"? Shoot, the 20-minute version of "Whipping Post" is great for those long hauls. I settled on "Midnight Rider" because it has a certain atmosphere about it. Doesn't everyone imagine, for a moment or two, that they're the outlaw type, wanting nothing more than to just hit the road, live a life outside any restriction or boundary? It was hard to find a good version, but I like this, despite the bad sound quality, because it's all stripped down, and Greg's vocal performance matches the song so well (as it should, as he wrote it):

Finally, no road trip would be complete without an honest-to-Elvis classic. Here's Chuck Berry with "No Particular Place to Go":

Two things. He reused this same melody for a song called "School Days". Second, if you didn't see your choices here, have no fear. Next week, we shall do more of your requests for top-down, summer driving songs. Since people are driving less because gas is so damn expensive, we can at least enjoy the music we would listen to if we were driving.

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