Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What's Up? Is It Blogger, YouTube, Or Just My Computer? (UPDATE)

My computer resolutely refuses to display any videos, on any site, from YouTube. I can go to YouTube and watch to my heart's content, so I know it isn't like I lost Adobe; in fact, I just updated it a couple days ago. Are the vids playing for you? Is YouTube mad at me for posting too many and punishing me by blocking them? My cookies are enabled, so that isn't the problem.

It happened suddenly yesterday afternoon. I was checking out a video on another blog, navigated back to my own and saw nothing but blank space where my three music videos should have been. If the problem isn't corrected, I'm going to sens a note to blogger asking, in essence, "What's up?"

Thoughts, questions, possible answers/solutions please. It's annoying going to various sites and seeing these big blank spaces where videos should be.

UPDATE: OK, so I updated Quicktime yesterday, which my computer has been begging me to do for weeks, and now, the vids are back and everything seems copacetic. I didn't know Quicktime had anything to do with YouTube videos. Oh, well.

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