Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama's Wins - Against All Odds (UPDATE)

So he won Wisconsin and Hawaii. Big. Sen. Clinton is using Rudy's playbook, banking of wins in later states to make up for the fact she hasn't won in 10 contests. Make no mistake - I think the nomination is Obama's, and I believe it might be wise, in the long run, for her to bow out graciously. On the other hand, should she stay in, that's OK, too. I think, though, that if she punts Texas and Ohio, she should say, "Congrats, Barack" and head back to the Senate.

Glenn Greenwald has a very important post up today, in which he discusses the ways in which the traditional right-wing attacks against Barack Obama have been tried this past week, including some really awful, meaningless stuff against his wife, and failed quite miserably. I think this might just be a portent that our discourse is changing, and for the better. I do not thing "Teflon" should be appended to him like it was to Reagan back in the 1980's; this isn't a case of real crap not sticking where it belongs. Rather, it is the case that Obama understands the way the media game is played and manages to wipe off that crap they throw at him, and play the game by his rules. Perhaps that's the reason the right has been particularly shrill and incoherent. Looking for traction for any narrative to undermine his candidacy, they are floundering for something that might dispel the momentum that is clearly his.

When I came home from work this morning, my wife was checking out headlines on-line, and she turned to me and said, "Barack Obama is going to be our next President." As far as I'm concerned, that settles the matter.

Yes, we can.

UPDATE: Lest anyone think there is some kind of parity between the parties, read this from Christy over at FDL. The end is the kicker. Quoting from a Hawaii Democrat:
Together we made history last night! Over 37,000 citizens turned out at our caucus sites to voice their preference for the Democratic Party nominee for President. We have never before had more than 5,000 participants at our caucuses.

Not only "Yes, we can." I think, "Yes, we will" should be the new mantra.

UPDATE II: I realize the Republican primary race is, for all intents and purposes, over, while the Democratic race is still hot and heavy. Yet, when you take a look at the turnout numbers, you just can't help but wonder what, exactly, that means for the general election in the fall.

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