Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Smudges On His Halo

This is more like it; and this, too. Two columns by respected Washington journalists - E. J. Dionne and Eugene Robinson - have columns in today's Post that do the unthinkable. They challenge many of the most compelling narratives of John McCain's rationale for electing him to the White House. Dionne's especially parses a single sentence in McCain's stump speech - "[T]he transcendent challenge of the 21st century is radical Islamic extremists," - and asks a simple question that should be asked by both Democratic hopefuls, and whoever ends up facing him in the fall: "Does he mean that in the year 2100, Americans will look back and say that everything else that happened in the century paled in comparison with the war against terrorism?" He asks about other global challenges, domestic challenges (he doesn't ask questions about unforeseen events, but what politician does?), and wonders about the relative position of terrorism in the whole range of problems facing us in upcoming years.

Robinson's column is far more blunt, and honest:
The good news for Republicans is that they have a big head start in the Fiesta of Forced Smiles -- the post-primary, pre-convention phase of the presidential campaign in which former opponents and party elders pledge their support for the presumptive nominee in a photogenic show of unity.

The bad news is that the likely nominee, John McCain, intends to run on positions that most voters reject.(emphasis added)

To read someone, somewhere, speak the truth like this - and a truth that does not bode well at all for John McCain, is a pleasure to behold.

As always, I obviously recommend each of these columns for your perusal.

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