Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Clinton's Slippage, Electability, And Some Good Arguments

Ezra Klein makes a good case that the collapse of the Clinton campaign in the face of the freight-train that is the Obama machine says much about arguments concerning "electability". I would disagree with him on the whole issue of "inevitability". That was a media-constructed falsehood which she and her team picked up and ran with. In general, though, I think the fact that she started flouncing almost immediately after losing Iowa says much about what her prospects would be in the general election. Obama, on the other hand, started with several deficits - some of which he will carry in to the general election - and yet has run a far more disciplined campaign than has Clinton. That's a surprise, all things considered.

After you go and read young Ezra, think about this - in the current political climate, how will Obama's negatives, real or imagined, stand up to the multitude of McCain's negatives, most of which are quite real (the one fake one is that he isn't really conservative)?

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