Monday, February 25, 2008

Music Monday

I've been noticing that a lot of contemporary "prog" and "neo-prog" bands sound an awful lot like Genesis during the period 1975-1983. Now, I'm a fan of Genesis, and I think that some of their best music was produced in this time span. I'm just not sure it's enough to generate an entire musical movement. Or maybe it is, and I'm just not musical enough to hear it. Anyway, here are some songs from this period, starting with the first song off what I think is the best record they put out between The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway and Genesis - Duke, "Behind the Lines":

This is perhaps the most disturbing song Genesis ever did. It is about a psychotic man who is with a prostitute, yet thinking he is with his mother. Yeah. It's called "Mama":

. . . And Then There Were Three was the first album they did after Steve Hackett left. The tracks are consistent, with a similar "sound" as it were, even as they alternate between Tony Banks songs and Mike Rutherford songs (the one Phil Collins track, "Follow You, Follow Me" is slightly different, more in tone than anything else). Of all the songs, though, I always liked "Deep in the Motherlode". Here's a bearded Phil Collins, with hair, probably slightly drunk, as he was deep in his own motherlode, the collapse of his first marriage which he chronicled on his first solo record. The sound on this clip just doesn't quite capture the song the way the cut on their second box set (also a live track) does, but oh, well.

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