Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fighting the Mouse

From Crooks and Liars and Fire Dog Lake come links to a story about a blogger known only as "Spocko" who has written letters to the advertisers at a Disney-owned station, KSFO, whose line-up has engaged in some of the most awful hate-speech (so much for those San Francisco values, huh). You can hear some of the clips Spocko managed to get ahold of here (I advise you to listen at your own risk; it is truly some of the mos offensive stuff imaginable).

Spocko's success has brought the wrath of Disney down upon him, getting a court-order to shut down Spocko's blog until further notice for alleged copyright violation (I would post the clips here, but I'm just not sure how). His success includes VISA pulling out as a sponsor, with AT&T and others seriously contemplating doing so as well. He is a fifth-tier blogger (I suppose that makes me a thirty-seventh tier blogger, huh?) with few resources against ABC-Disney and its team of attorneys. Oh, he also has the law on his side, too. And decency. Go here to find out the whole story, and to find out how to help.

Could I suggest, perhaps, setting up some kind of LDF for Spocko, with contributions from bloggers, perhaps through PAYPAL or some other source, as a way of helping to defray his legal expenses? I would certainly help that way, besides spreading the word as far and as wide as possible. I mean, if family-friendly Disney wants to pay the salaries of people who advocate murder, torture, and the commiting of apostasy by Muslims, that's fine. I don't think we should take it lying down when they go after a little blogger who just wants to let their sponsors know what they are paying for.

Follow the links in the second linked story for a list of sponsors. Be polite but firm. Let them know what their advertising dollars are paying for. Put the ball in their court. If you have a blog, spread the word. Let's help one of our own, and take on the Mouse that Roars.

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