Wednesday, October 12, 2011

There's Always Something New Under The Sun, Even If It's A Bad Copy

Sometimes ramming around YouTube, randomly clicking this or that leads to the most interesting finds. For example, I had never heard of a band called Rishloo, and almost immediately I discovered a band taking Tool's approach to tonality, songwriting, arranging. They don't really add much to that general way of creating music, but it does have its moments.

Another Tool-like band is Isis. I think the sonic resemblance is pretty clear here.

Then there is Antithesis. Not sure what to call this other than melodic . . . what? Not quite metal, harder than hard rock, though. Lead singer sounds like a cross between Russell Allen of Symphony X and Steve Walsh of Kansas.

Also, too, I got a release by the unknown band Under the Sun. If the lead singer had sung instead of talked the lyrics, it would vastly improve the record. Maybe a bit more keyboard in the mix, too - it's there, just muffled, not quite muddy, but not clear, either. Mr. Record Reviewer, that's me!

Sargasso Sea - Scale the Summit
Manhunt - Shadow Gallery
Gonna Get Ya - Pete Townshend
ETI: Extra Terrestrial Intelligence - Blue Oyster Cult
Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream - King Crimson
Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) - The Dead, Allstate Arena, May 5, 2009
Wish You Were Here (Live) - Pink Floyd
Day Eight: School - Ayreon
The Joke's On You - Porcupine Tree
Duke's Travels (Live, Archive #2) - Genesis

Because they are too often over-looked these days, or thought of as a band that just did weird, hard-rock novelty songs, it Blue Oyster Cult showing the world how it's done.

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