Wednesday, October 12, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 27

In May, 1994, Lisa and I spent a week in the Bay Area of California. We traveled down to Monterrey and Carmel-By-The-Sea. We went to a state park, driving up a mile-high mountain and wandering amongst the tarantula holes. We went to Berkeley, where we drove by People's Park. We also spent a day in the People's Republic of San Francisco. At the Marina, one jetty at Pier 19 have been taken over by California Sea Lions. This being San Francisco, it was turned over to them. From a distance folks stood around, snapping pictures, and wished they had the life of those sea lions.

We went to Alcatraz, and while we waited for the ferry, I took a picture of the island with a really hot foreground image.

It is only from Alcatraz that you get an idea of just how beautiful the city of San Francisco really is. The next shot tried to capture it, failed pretty miserably because I didn't bully my way through all the people, but you can see the city, hazy in the distance.

Lisa tries and fails to distance herself from our madness. It's the image that's lonely, not the photographer.

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