Friday, October 14, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 29

I was scanning some old photos this summer and discovered, much to my chagrin, that several of them had scanned black and white. Then, I found that there's a button on our three-in-one scanner/copier/printer that, when pushed, rendered the pictures in b&w. I went back and looked and some of them actually turned out . . . interesting.

Gretchen was particularly photogenic in b&w, being a Harlequin.

This photo of Lisa with then-presiding Bishop Joe Sprague burning the mortgage on the parsonage for Community UMC in LaMoille, IL looks like a newspaper photo. Actually, I took it on a disposable camera. Such is what happens when pictures are rendered b&w.

Lisa and her mother, the day Lisa graduated from Wesley Theological Seminary.

In the category of real b&w photos, at my the recent party celebrating my father's 90th birthday, my cousin put together a small memory book. In it was something I, nearing 46 years old, had never seen - a wedding photo of my parents. March 31, 1954.

Hint: For the last day, expect the unexpected.

Lisa makes hay while the sun shines. Randall captures Cleveland's cheery side.

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