Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Rock Show

My college friend Jim mentioned Zebra earlier this week, and I have to admit I had not thought about them in years, even though I own their 1983 debut. In fact, I bought it twice, because I lost my first copy of their CD I bought in the early 1990's. Coming out in 1983, I think their sound was either behind or ahead of the times, and despite heavy rotation on MTV for the video below, and a follow up, "Tell Me What You Want", they never really caught on. To be honest, there are are highlights like "Take Your Fingers From My Hair" and "The La La Song", but the release is pretty uneven, and I think its weaknesses were enough to keep them from breaking. Too bad. They're still around, but stuck in a time warp. This is "Who's Behind The Door":

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