Friday, August 22, 2008

Lying Runs In The Family

I heard about the fact that Cindy McCain had lied about the circumstances surrounding the adoption of their daughter. Here's the details.
CNBC (Feb 12, 2000, Tim Russert Interview with the McCains):

Mrs. McCAIN: She's--our daughter Bridget is eight years old. I found her in Mother Teresa's orphanage when she was 10 weeks old in Bangladesh. She has a cleft palate; she had some other problems. And the nuns persuaded me to bring her home, and I did. I--I could do that. I was able to do that. And literally on board the flight home from Bangkok to Los Angeles, not having spoken to my husband, I decided I couldn't c--I had to--I couldn't let her go. I had--she chose me. So she's ours now. I came home and presented my husband with a new daughter that he didn't know he had. [One of several consistent stories prior to this year]

The Sunday Mail (Feb. 3, 2008, Dark past no barrier for Cindy):

``While working at Mother Teresa's orphanage in the early 1990s, I stumbled upon the most beautiful little girl I'd ever seen,'' she said. ``She had a terrible cleft palate. She had problems with her feet. She had problems with her hands. She had all kinds of problems.

``As only Mother Teresa can, she prevailed upon me to take this baby and another baby to the United States for medical care.''

Now that the lie has been called out by The Christian Science Monitor, it has disappeared from the McCain website. See, the McCains never even met Mother Teresa.

Apparently he's only willing not to lie about things he doesn't know, like how many houses he owns. Now, he managed to get his wife in on the act.

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