Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Dick Morris On TV, Not Less

I think the Toe Sucker should be on every news show every day from now until the election.
Morris: You saw by these, these ill prepared reactions on Georgia. And you saw what he said today? Obama said that he understood that countries should not invade other countries and we would be in a better position to say that if we had not gone into Iraq.

Colmes: Where is he wrong?

Morris: Where he’s wrong is that we went into Iraq at the invitation of the government. Not as an invasion.

Colmes: We went to Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein. [….]

Morris: We’re in Iraq now at the invitation of the government.

Colmes: They’ve asked us to leave. They said there’s a timeline to get us out.

Morris: We’re in Iraq as a result of a democracy asking for us to come in there. It’s not an invasion. It’s not a takeover. We’re not trying to annex Iraq.

The last two sentences are non sequiturs, but the rest of it is pure comedy gold.

Dick Morris! Dick Morris!

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