Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Trust Is Earned - And You Haven't Earned Anything Other Than Contempt

I cringed when I saw that Condi and Robert Gates have an op-ed in today's WaPo. I cringed even more at the summary headline on the front-e-page, "Trust Us".

You can't be fricking serious.

There isn't a member, junior, senior, somewhere in the middle, of the Bush Administration, to whom even an ounce of trust should be given. Now, the pair of semi-alleged war criminals who head the State Department and Defense Department, respectively, are asking/demanding Congress just sit back, not do its duty to oversee what the Administration is doing (not even when it comes to paying the bills, which is kind of Congress' purview), and just let them do whatever they want in terms of negotiating a status-of-forces agreement with Iraq.
Our troops and diplomats have made untold sacrifices to help put Iraq on the path to self-sufficiency. A crucial phase in this process will unfold in the coming months, when our ambassador in Baghdad, Ryan Crocker, begins negotiating a basic framework for normalized relations with the Iraqi government -- to include what is known as a "status of forces" agreement. We encourage Congress and the public to support the efforts of our senior diplomats and military officers as they forge ahead with these talks -- which we believe are essential to a successful outcome in Iraq and, by extension, the vital interests and security of the United States.

I know, I know, the Democrats in Congress, callow cowards for the most part, will bow to the group with a 30% approval rating, even as the American people shake in frustration at the thought of these nincompoops committing more blood and treasure to the immoral sink hole that is our current Iraq policy.

I wouldn't let Condi Rice talk to my kid's school class. I wouldn't trust Robert Gates to help my mother across the street. I wouldn't let either one of them do anything, just sit in their office and shuffle papers until next January.

My guess is Iraq will most likely stall until then anyway.

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