Friday, February 15, 2008

Torture Talk

I haven't written about it in a long while, but the on-going "discussion" - "Is waterboarding torture?" - is enough to make you want to beat your head against a concrete block until the blood flows freely. It was considered torture by the international tribunal that convicted some Japanese war criminals of torture after WWII. It was considered torture when the Inquisitors used it in Spain. It was considered torture when it was outlawed by the Geneva Accords, those quaint little scraps of paper that codify international law (something John Bolton insists he not only doesn't know, but doesn't miss not knowing; it might have been nice to have known that before we put him in the United Nations, wouldn't it?).

These moral cripples are so frustratingly callow it is breathtaking. What does it take to send them somewhere they can do no harm? When will someone, somewhere other than blogs and websites, stand up and call these people out for exactly what they are? It's far too late for any public forgiveness; they have tarnished the United States far too much for that. No amount of contrition would ever convince me they are worthy of holding any office of public trust. They lie. They wage illegal, immoral war, and they insist that black is white/up is down/torture isn't torture when the United States does it. They are despicable.

Sorry for the rant. And for the following, but I am just outraged.

God. Damn. Them.

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