Thursday, February 14, 2008


Lord, watch over me today.

From here:
The voters' message is getting through, not only in settling the fights for the Republican and Democratic nominations but in changing the mind-set of Washington.

The clearest evidence of the change is what happened last week on the economic stimulus bill. A week ahead of their self-imposed deadline, the House and Senate, by overwhelming votes, sent to President Bush almost exactly the kind of relief measure he had sought for the staggering economy.

Only in the mind of someone as idiotic as David Broder does the act of caving in to the demands of the most unpopular President in modern history qualify as progress. The Democrats stripped job-training and other real benefits from the stimulus package because Bush threatened to veto it. So, we all will get a check of some amount or other in a few months. That's not so much policy as it is bribery. And what happened wasn't cooperation so much as it was cowardice.

Why won't these people stop?

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