Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tornado Update

First, courtesy of the Rockford Register-Star, some video of Ken Hall, owner-operator, and good friend of ours:

Next, it wasn't just the Orchard; the tornado ripped through quite a bit of rural northern Boone Co., as can be seen from this WREX-13 compilation:

Finally, I would be remiss if I neglected this, from the on-line edition:
3:25 p.m.: Church aids orchard owners
A local church is helping the owners of Edwards Apple Orchard regroup in the wake of a tornado that leveled most of the buildings on the grounds of the popular autumn tourist destination.

Poplar Grove United Methodist Church, 105 E. Grove St., is helping orchard owners Ken and Barb Hall set up a Web site to keep the public abreast of cleanup and recovery efforts at the orchard. The address is edwardsorchard.info. The tornado spared apple trees, but destroyed several buildings at the orchard, including the Hall’s home.

“As the orchard is put back together, we can use the Web site to let people know how to help and how the reconstruction is going,” said the Rev. Lisa Kruse-Safford, pastor.

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