Friday, January 11, 2008

There Are Ideas, And Then There Are Ideas

Michael Gerson's exercise in campaign consultancy in today's Washington Post can be taken care of quite easily. It isn't the dearth of ideas that is the problem among the Republican candidates. It is the plethora of bad ideas. There is a surplus of stupid, reams of racism, stacks of sexism, warehouses of warmongering (I'm running out of alliteratives here) and while the Republican base seems to be responding with gusto, most of America is either dismissing them, or laughing at them. I think risibility is appropriate. These folks are in a race for the past, seeking to place themselves at the head of what may be one of the biggest historical losses in American Presidential campaign history.

So, to Gerson, I would respond quite simply - it isn't a lack of ideas. It's a lack of appeal with the ideas they have.

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