Friday, January 11, 2008

More Anti-Clinton Hysteria (UPDATE with reposting)

Via Atrios, comes this wonderful smackdown of Andrew Sullivan's deranged vision of the always-evil-all-the-time Hillary Clinton kidnapping Barack Obama's daughter and holding her hostage until he drops out of the race. Or something like that.

There is little difference between Sullivan and Chris Matthews and Tucker Carlson, except that Sullivan is out of the closet. On the issue of the Clinton's however, the crazy just can't get deep enough.

That such people are so blind to their own near-psychotic reaction to the junior Senator from New York only proves that sexism is alive and well, rampaging through the id of our nation, breaking through when stimulated by such as Sen. Clinton.

UPDATE: One such person who feels qualified to make all sorts of bone-headed statements about Hillary is the horrific Camille Paglia. As Brad at Sadly,No! writes:
Brad’s reaction is: you’re fucking kidding me. Who in God’s name endowed this bizarre and clearly disturbed old freak with the magical power to look into Hillary Clinton’s past traumas and project them onto her current campaign behavior? Did they editors at Salon actually read this kind of crap before they gave it a thumbs-up? I mean, what the hell, man?

It is truly bizarre what Hillary Clinton does to the cerebrum of some people.

Courtesy of Sadly, No!, comes this tidbit of considered political theater:

Directed by Tucker Carlson.

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