Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Helping Hand

The website is up and running, and I convinced Lisa and her associate and our web guru to set up a PayPal account, but in lieu of that, how 'bout popping a few pennies in my can? All donations for the next forty-eight hours will go directly to the account set up to help, not just the Halls, but all the victims of the tornado. Saturday is going to be a North Boone clean-up day, so I will be out most of the day, in what promises to be very cold, very snowy weather, picking up trash and rubble from fields and houses. The church is also planning some major work on one home where the homeowners had no insurance.

This isn't about the orchard, or the Halls. It's about all those effected in northern Boone County.

If you aren't sure about giving me money and having it passed on (who could blame you for that?), you can send a check (you remember those) to Poplar Grove United Methodist Church, Post Office Box 273, Poplar Grove, IL 61065. Please make checks payable to PGUMC, and write "Tornado Relief" in the memo line.

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