Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Surrendering to my own conscience for failing to do what I have wanted to do for several weeks, I am doing a post on my hometown radio station, WATS(WAVR is an FM simulcast of the AM content).

WATS is operated by a friend, Chuck Carver. While I was growing up, it provided an education in '70's AM pop that I treasure (more on that in a moment), and continues to be a voice for our little cluster of communities on the New York/Pennsylvania border. When we are going for a visit, the signal usually strengthens around Elmira (this being only fifteen miles from Waverly, you can tell the signal strength isn't much, although the presence of the ubiquitous hills probably doesn't help).

In case you're wondering what I mean by '70's AM pop, here's a sampling:

And another:

And, finally, this:

Along with these usual suspects, I remember even earlier examples, among my favorites being Peter Nero playing "Autumn Leaves" with that chromatic declension after the first phrase; any song by Dionne Warwick; and Barry Manilow. I was still immersed deeply in the music of WATS when I saw a copy of The Sex Pistol's Never Mind the Bullocks LP at the Waverly Free Library and decided to take it home. It was all up after that. But, the station is still there, doing good community-based radio, and I miss it. What was your hometown radio station, and what fond memories do you have?

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