Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some People Actually Listen to Marshall Art - In Colorado Anyway

I was going to go to bed, when this jumped out at me over at Daily Kos:
The Colorado Supreme Court cleared the way Tuesday for an anti-abortion group to collect signatures for a ballot measure that would define a fertilized egg as a person.

The Kos diarist sounds like some of the people who tried to talk to Marshall about this:
I'm still waiting to hear any sensible argument by which a fertilized egg is a "person." A full set of human genes? Every cell in my thumb has that. A unique genetic signature? In that case, are identical twins one "person?" Are people who have more than one genetic signature (rare, but not that rare) more than one person? Is it Biblical mandate? I sure can't find it in my Bible.

These are all sensible arguments. The only thing the diarist comes up with as an answer to such asininity:
It couldn't be that this is just a completely pulled out of someone's behind definition, designed for the purpose of outlawing both abortion and stem cell research, could it?

Yeah, pretty much.

As the diarist says - let's hear it for microscopic Americans.

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