Wednesday, October 17, 2007

For Example - They Hate (And Fear) Women (And Hillary in Particular)

Exhibit "A" in defense of my last post yesterday is this post at Hullabaloo yesterday, which highlights a discussion between Clifford May and Tucker Carlson on Tucker's TV show yesterday. Previously, Carlson has claimed that Mrs. Clinton's appearance on television makes him "cross his legs". He also has a problem with her voice. Indeed, like Chris Matthews, Tucker seems to have a bit of a problem with Mrs. Clinton's status as a woman. In this little tidbit, the misogyny is so palpable, one can cut it with a knife:
CARLSON: I'm not saying women shouldn't vote for Hillary at all. I'm merely saying the obvious: that you shouldn't vote for her because she's a woman. Here's what the Clinton campaign says: "Hillary isn't running as a woman. As Hillary says, she's not running as a woman candidate. The only reason to vote for her is that you believe she's the most qualified to be president."

Well, that's actually completely false, considering the Hillary campaign -- and I get their emails -- relentlessly pushes the glass ceiling argument. "You should vote for her because she's a woman." They say that all the time. She just said that on The View. I mean, that's like their rationale.

MAY: At least call her a Vaginal-American, as opposed to --

CARLSON: Is that the new phrase?

MAY: I think that is, yeah.

CARLSON: Boy, that's nasty. I don't think I can say that.

ROBINSON: No, you don't say that.

CARLSON: I shouldn't say that? I'm not going attempt it. No, no.

If it were just Tucker Carlson, or just Christ Matthews, or just Cliff May, or an isolated incident, we might just slough it off as the kind of mindlessness now rampant on the right.

It isn't, and we cannot, nor should we, pretend it isn't a long-standing game to attack Mrs. Clinton, not because of her policy positions, but because of her gender, demeanor, and her alleged motivations and personality traits.

I could go on to Nancy Pelosi, and even go back in time to attacks upon Bella Abzug, but I believe that the kind of blatant fear and hatred exposed by this little exchange should be enough.

What a bunch of little Nancy-boys.

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