Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Much Needed Musical Fix

On the mend from whatever-it-was that dragged me down . . .

This past weekend, I managed to cure a moment of musical nostalgia by reminding myself what was "popular" thirty years ago. Forgiveness beforehand.

And who could not wish to forget this?

Ah, Leah! Ah, crap . . .

I've said for several years that the breakdown in the current music-business business plan has been a Godsend for fans of music. It is so easy to find so much really, really fantastic music because we no longer have to rely on such limited sources - radio, in particular - to give us the skinny. While radio did provide a platform for so much great music in the past, now that it has been captured by commercial interests, it either feeds flash-in-the-pan in to the hopper of the woodchipper of pop culture, or continuously reminds us of our youth spent drunk, stoned, playing air-guitar to the same five songs over and over again. With a little ingenuity, and hard work, and determination, we can move past the crap and find jewels and nuggets and even whole veins to be mined, if we wish.

I have little sense of yearning for music from my youth, because what is out there, new and exciting, right now, is so much better.

Eyeball Kid - Tom Waits
War Inside My Head - Dream Theater
Journey On The Waves Of Time - Ayreon
Symphony #9, Movement 3, Adagio Molto E Cantabile - Ludwig von Beethoven
Least Complicated - Indigo Girls
Cabbage Head - Dr. John
Lady Sings the Blues - Billie Holliday
Solitary Soul - Spock's Beard
Love The One You're With/You Can't Always Get What You Want(Live) - The Neville Brothers
Get All You Deserve - Steven Wilson

For an example of that great new music, you cannot beat The Joy Formidable. I just love this particular version.

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