Saturday, September 24, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 11

Am I blue? Not really, but there is an awful lot of blue in our house.

We bought a blue love seat/sofa combination seven years ago, when we moved to Poplar Grove. Which didn't have any blue in the living room. We moved to Plato Center last year, and we had a wonderful dining room with blue wallpaper/wall-to-wall and it was transformed to a TV room. Which is very, very blue. Put one of our blue plastic plates on a piece of furniture, with the blue cloth placemats - used as arm-covers because we are messy people - and the effect is . . . blue.

When we were leaving Jarratt, VA 12 years ago, we were offered the opportunity to cherry-pick some furniture from the house of a church member. Along with two bedroom sets and a piano, we found this beautiful barrel-back chair, upon which sits a couple blue binders, backed with blue curtains in a room with blue carpeting.

Yes, that's our fire-proof safe that holds all our important documents.

I honestly wish I was a better photographer, or had a better camera. This is fun, though.

Simple. Elegant. Earrings. Billie Holliday. Lisa covers the best bases.

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