Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Christian Believer Week 1

I'm both leading and taking Christian Believer. I just completed my readings and reflections for Week 1, on Believing. I don't permit comments there, but I do provide links both to the scriptures I read each day as well as the extra-biblical sources.

Day 6 is unique, however, because the reflections are actually answers to questions posed in the Study Manual.

I would be interested in reactions, in a general sense. If you absolutely feel the need to claim I am some kind of crazy heretic, a loony who just doesn't understand Christianity, the Bible, doctrine, yadda-yadda, I guess I would prefer you keep that opinion to yourself, because, frankly, the folks who tend to say that kind of thing are those whose views just carry no weight with me.

This is a thirty-week class, covering some pretty deep stuff - Christian doctrine, reading primary source material, reflecting on what it means "to believe" as in "to live" the faith. It's a long journey I am on, and while the members of the class will be sharing with me, any input that is honest and faithful is more than welcome.

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