Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Cruising Song, '09

The Allman Brother's Fillmore Concert CD. Bruce Srpingsteen's Born to Run. Joe Satriani's "Summer Song". All great songs to accompany a good long drive. I once drove from DC to my folks in a borrowed BMW - if you're gonna do something, do it in style, I always say - that had a five-disc CD player in the trunk (it was 1991, people, this was fancy!). The first two discs was an early, unremastered copy of the Allman Bros. Fillmore recordings. Carried me past Gettysburg, almost to Harrisburg.

I've discovered blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa, and all I can say is, listening to this puts me in the mood for a nice, long road trip somewhere on a sunny day, windows rolled down. This is totally self-indulgent, but if you have anything you like listening to, especially as you're dead-heading down a long stretch of blacktop - maybe through Slapout, say - you can add it in comments. Who knows, I might even add it to my car playlist.

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