Monday, December 15, 2008

Giving Bush The Boot

Since the whole world knows about it, I suppose it should be noted that I am very uneasy about the whole shoe-throwing thing yesterday at a press conference. On the one hand, God knows what might have happened had the boot hit Bush in his drinking hand, say. On the other hand, what if he had been . . . a shoe bomber?

Seriously, while it is kind of a silly thing to get all worked up about (of course, there are people who are ready at the toss of a shoe to get worked up over any little thing, so we won't have to wait long), I am glad it was only a shoe and not a hand grenade. Of course, Bush did say that we went to Iraq to free them, and freedom includes the freedom to call the person more responsible for that freedom than any other individual on the planet a dog, and chuck a size 11 soft-soled missile at him. Wasn't it Donald Rumsfeld, commenting on the looting after the fall of Saddam, who said that freedom is messy? Just another chicken finding a place to roost at home, I suppose.

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