Friday, December 19, 2008

Can Krauthammer Get Anything Right?

Some days it just doesn't pay to click a tab. I just know the stupid will pile up like the snow on the roads around here, which is to say thick and fast, blowing around in the wind and covering any attempt to clear away the stupid from a path through it.

I have made it an unwritten and rarely commented-upon rule not to comment upon the political machinations in other states. It is none of my business. I consider it a faux pas, a kind of impertinence. Of course, that doesn't stop big name pundits from flapping their keyboards. In all honesty, if Caroline Kennedy wishes to replace Hillary Clinton as the junior Senator from my home state, that is a decision for the governor of NY to make. I honestly have no opinion on the matter. Krauthammer, however, takes wanking to new heights, understanding something about her personality and state of mind that I had not even considered.
The problem with Caroline Kennedy's presumption to Hillary Clinton's soon-to-be-vacated Senate seat is not lack of qualification or experience. The Senate houses lots of inexperienced rookies -- wealthy businessmen, sports stars, even the occasional actor.

The problem is Kennedy's sense of entitlement. Given her rather modest achievements, she is trading entirely on pedigree.(emphasis added)

Kind of like a certain two-term President Krauthammer spent hundreds of words defending as the reincarnation of Winston Churchill. A two-term President who is about to leave office under the cloud of being considered the worst President of the modern era.

Seriously, there are arguments for and against Kennedy's appointment. Seeming to suggest one has some occult link to Ms. Kennedy's attitude - entitlement - is just crap. Pure and simple. Why oh why can't these people just leave us alone?

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