Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More On America Descending (UPDATE)

It's like an itch I just can't scratch enough. I do not believe that ignoring them is an option anymore. Yet, I cannot take them seriously. Indeed, I pay attention to them to make sure that those who think this way no longer are taken seriously, at least in my lifetime. Yet, there is something so heartening, so earnest, about this site.

Consider this post. If any proof were needed that those on the far right are not dealing with the way the world really is, just looking at this post (never mind reading it) would disabuse them. After reading it, and going through the comments, it is quite clear that these fabulists and fantasists are at least honest enough about their delusions to see themselves as the heroic few who understand the real deal. We as a nation are headed towards the most vile tyranny, our Constitution is in peril, and they alone are standing athwart our national descent and screaming, "Stop!"

Facts mean nothing to these folks. This is why I do not so much point out errors of fact (it would take a blog in and of itself to do so), as I do poke little holes in their delusions of grandeur, their view of themselves as the hero of the novels they are writing in their heads about themselves.

On one point, however, I would try to be a bit more clear. Especially as regards their latest post, I would only let them know that, even if Obama is planning a network of domestic spies and reeducation camps for right wingers, my own sense is that, in fact, most liberals (myself included) don't really care all that much what you think anymore, except as a source of fun. You are no longer relevant. Your cranky, ill-informed, fact-free opinions do not mean anything in the large scheme of things. Once again, America skidded close to the edge of some weird kind of domestic fascism, and pulled itself away from the brink. Those like you who think that in some way we are endangered because a moderately liberal Democrat will become President on January 20, 2009, should perhaps consider this - once he's in office, you will matter even less.

I don't want to diminish your internet traffic by ceasing to link to you, so please keep the fun alive. Just don't mistake attention for something akin to agreement.

I, for one, am laughing my ass off at all of you.

UPDATE: Apparently, these vigilant protectors of our freedoms are so concerned about the imminent Soveitization of America they haven't bothered to "chronicle" our national demise for a couple days. Was there a sale on Pabst at the local supermarket or something?

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