Monday, November 10, 2008

Don't Know Much About Marxism

Courtesy of ER, I have found a wonderful new right-wing site that will be chock-a-block with fun and laughs for all. Called American Descent, it is a group of our very own right-wing bloggers banding together in solidarity against the coming Communist-Islamist revolution America voted in to existence last Tuesday. A recent post actually links to another blogpost that claims that Barack Obama, American's first African-American President, will reinstitute slavery.

One in particular, however, that just has me grinning at the stupendous ignorance of these folks is one that claims Barack Obama will make of us a Soviet-style dictatorship. Along with the woeful ignorance of the differences between Marxism as a theory, including an on-going intellectual project, an communism as a political practice, we have the wonderful discussion of the place of religion in such a state. Of course, there is the conflation of communism and socialism and liberalism, as tired and ridiculous as it is all too common.

If one is interested, click the link and have fun. I certainly am.

Be warned, however. These folks are deadly earnest, and believe everything they write. Don't take them too seriously, have some fun, and watch the descent of the American right in real time.

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