Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Leading By Example

In my previous post, I gave some general thoughts on dealing with right-wingers even as the Democrats move to (I hope) take over our national public discourse. I noted that I am keeping up via a couple sites to which I link. I must say they are providing no end of fun, so I thought I would offer a link to one post in particular, and offer a couple examples from the comment thread, because there are few things more hilarious than the cluelessness of people who write things that, in the real world, are turning around and dope-slapping them hard.
GKS, if you honestly fail to understand what D-Dad was takling about, then you should have stayed home on Election Day.


Do you really not understand why people around the world who do not have America's best interests at heart would be "quite ecstatic" over the election of a weak, inexperienced, and radical President who has arguably taken the Anti-American position on almost every issue he has bothered to take any position on over the course of his career?

(Remember, the President does not vote "present"...)

Of COURSE the enemies of America are ecstatic!

And, yes, America has some, whether you personally recognize them as such or not.

You guys have absolutely no idea what you have done...


The real enemies are people like Geoffrey, D. Trabue, and Feodor, who gleefully embrace the coming totalitarian state and condescendly sneer at us common people for attempting to warn them.

When America falls, it will come from within, and these pseudo-intellectuals are hastening our demise.


Absolutely astounding how Geoff and co. can spin facts 180 degrees.

The first of the above three was from tugboatcapn. The other two are from our old friend, Mark.

Even more than shooting fish in a barrel, it's like shooting at a barn wall from the inside. Not only is it impossible to miss, there are several to pick from.

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