Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weird "Christians" On The Election

Sadly, No! tracks some really weird people. In this post, they note somebody named "Pastor Swank". They even excerpt a few of his "pieces" of "writing" (which, for someone whose profession is effective communication, are pretty awful).
B. Hussein betrays Christ
B. Hussein Obama betrays Christ.

Christ said, "If you love Me, keep My commandments."

B. Hussein does not keep Christ's commandments.

First, B. Hussein enthusiastically applauds killing womb boys and girls, even saying that if his daughters became pregnant "by mistake" he would not want them punished with a "baby."

Christ is the Author of Life: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." When sperm and egg join in the womb to spark life in a human being, it is Christ who lights up that life. The Bible states that Christ is the One who "lights everyone" born into this world.

B. Hussein without apology endorses slaying those lives any time a female wants to slice-and-dice those womb infants. In that, B. Hussein betrays Christ maximum.

B. Hussein also endorses homosexual match-ups per his "Christian ethos," a twosome he used in New Hampshire when assuring homosexuals that he would support their "marriages."

Would someone please explain to me what "Christian ethos" as related to homosexuality means? I have been a Christian theologian for half a century and have yet to come upon a definition for those two words in that context.

Christ opposes homosexual activity. Christ stated that a man shall leave his father and mother, cleaving unto his wife to form one flesh.

Further, in the Old Testament when God prohibits homosexual practice, it is the three-person godhead speaking, thus including God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Note that in that godhead is the Second Person of the Trinity — Christ. Therefore, Christ prohibits God followers from engaging in homosexual activity. However, B. Hussein sidelines Christ's prohibition by stating the ambiguous "Christian ethos" to placate New England homosexual activists.

In addition, B. Hussein testifies as an evangelical would testify that he had a conversion experience at Chicago's United Church of Christ under the pastorate of Jeremiah Wright. B. Hussein states that he even went to the front of the sanctuary to witness publicly at the altar to that alignment with Christ as personal Savior.

All that is fabrication.

How do we know that? Answer: The Bible states that "by our fruits we are known." B. Hussein's soul fruits point to rotten fruit, obviously. He says He loves Christ Savior while betraying Christ Savior; therefore, B. Hussein lives out the role of Judas Iscariot.

Did you like that? Here's more:
Young evangelicals for Obama? Never!
Yet there are young evangelicals who are fed up with the Republicans.

Their choice come November is to sit out the vote or go for B. Hussein Obama, known to scores as a mask Muslim.

The former choice is to give up our democracy in action. The latter is to vote for The Boy who has countless ties to Islamics, even hiring those on his campaign and Congressional staff as well as buddying up to scores of Muslims in the Nation of Islam.

It is abhorrent even to imagine that any evangelicals would vote for B. Hussein. It is unthinkable.

Those of us who are genuinely evangelical, knowing our Bibles, knowledgeable concerning biblical doctrine, could never think of casting a ballot for the left-of-left abortion-approving, pro-sodomy Democrat candidate. It would be not only horrific but considered by many of us as sin.

To sin is to know to do good and do it not. That is the paraphrase of biblical counsel.

Therefore, to know that B. Hussein is pro-evil and still vote for him could be concluded as sinning against what is biblically ethical.

How could anyone who is biblically aligned be in favor of the anti-Bible, anti-God B. Hussein? Yet there are those young evangelicals so confused about the present political situation that they are willing to do that.

Per The Washington Times: "We did what they said to do. We elected all these people, we got conservative justices appointed at the bench, and nothing happened,' said Tony Jones, the 40-year-old leader of Emergent Village, a national group that often speaks for more liberal Christians from an evangelical background.

"Those evangelicals are suffering from 'fetus fatigue' and want to 'give up,' said Douglas Groothuis, a philosophy professor at Denver Seminary."

To make matters more complicated, John McCain said that he would consider a pro-abortion personage for Vice President running mate. That too is abhorrent to the biblically true. It is simply something that can't happen.

For McCain to select a pro-abortion person is to compromise the pro-life position. There is no other conclusion that a true Christian can reach. So McCain is going to be in one big trouble if he follows through with a Veep name who is in favor of murdering womb infants.

As we proceed closer to November, the political choice becomes all the more blurred.

No wonder Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family originally told media that he was going to sit out the election. Then he changed his mind, saying he could vote for McCain.

But if McCain continues to move more in the direction of anti-Bible values, there are hosts of us who just may move in the direction of Dobson's original stance.

With crap like this calling itself "Christian writing", is it any wonder there are atheists out there who make fun of Christians? I realize that ER will probably take me to task for this, but the reality is this is just garbage and bears as much resemblance to "Christian theology" (I think Swank uses the term without understanding it actually refers to something) as The Lord of the Rings does to history. The major difference, and the limit of this particular analogy should be clear. The latter at least has the virtue of being readable.

I have to go wash.

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